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West Georgia Wolverines Wheelchair Sports Team
[Here] is a photo of our wheelchair team and some of the equipment we purchase with the proceeds from our recycling efforts. This is from our just completed wheelchair team handball season which is similar to indoor wheelchair soccer. The goal and ball are specific to this sport. The wheelchairs are used with wheelchair basketball and wheelchair football, too.

The chairs cost about $3,000.00 each. The wheels can cost $250 to $300 a pair. Repair and maintenance runs $50 per wheel. Add uniforms, transportation, etc. and the total gets big quick.

The kids you see do not have any mental disabilities so they do not qualify for Special Olympics. Before our program they were left out because they could not participate in regular sports because of their physical disabilities and had no mental qualification for the Special Olympics competitions. With our program they are no longer caught in between. We get them "off the sidelines and into the game," our motto.

All this is part of the American Association of Adapted Sports Programs ( We play against teams from all over Georgia.

Most of our players are not confined to wheelchairs, they just play in them to level the playing field for all the various disabilities we cover. We have had many different kinds. Spina bifida, cerebral palsy, traumatic head injury, type 1 diabetes, paraplegia, amputation, MD, MS, and other rarer conditions have been qualified to play with us.

These athletes gain all the benefits we attribute to regular sports plus many of them actually extend their lives. They also become contributing members of society rather than burdens on it.

It is truly inspiring to see these kids achieve more than ever was expected of them. It is the reason I will help them for as long as I am able.

Thanks for your recycling program and your interest in us.

West Georgia Wolverines
Wheelchair Sports Team

Richard McIntyre, Coach
P.O. Box 632
Manchester, GA 31816
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