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  Why Should My Business Participate?

CFK is not only for schools and non-profits, your business can recycle and raise funds.



  It's free


  It's easy, CFK provides pre-paid shipping labels and marketing materials


  Contributes to your company's "green" initiatives and reduces your carbon footprint


  Reduces waste


  It may be tax deductible


  Increases community involvement


  Enhances your company's image


  Great for employee morale


  You may already be recycling items without receiving funds


  It may provide an additional way to contribute funds to your favorite charity or a local school/non-profit




  Share CFK with management


  Pick a recipient or keep the funds for your company


  Collect the items in a centralized location

  Encourage employees to bring items from home and to ask family, friends and neighbors for items
    Educate employees
    Send out company memos or emails
    Place inserts with paychecks
    Post a flier in a common area
    Include your recycling program in new employee orientations
    Inter-departmental competitions


    Drop items off at your recipient's location
    Enroll with CFK to receive free shipping labels
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