Experience has shown that organizations with business support have the greatest potential to earn thousands of dollars each year.

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    Why obtain business sponsors?
Increases the involvement of parents & the community.
This is the #1 recommendation of our top-earning organizations.
    How do I obtain business sponsors?
Ask anyone and everyone if their business will donate items
Provide fliers to the Chamber of Commerce for local businesses.
Contact the IRS (1-800-829-1049) for tax deductible information.
Post your organization on or your city's recycling website to advertise your collection.
    What kind of businesses?
    cellular phone stores chamber of commerce car dealerships
  school districts downsizing businesses hospitals/medical facilities
  real estate agencies government offices construction companies
    technology companies colleges & universities insurance/investment firms
    How do businesses participate?
Experience shows more businesses participate if someone from your organization picks up donated items or if they can drop off items at your specified location.
If drop-off or pick-up is not possible, enroll your business sponsor by clicking here or calling us with their information. Your supporter will receive a Program Guide and prepaid UPS labels. The labels link the business to the organization; funds will go directly to that organization.
Remember to thank your sponsors!
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