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  Ways to Grow Your Program
  Back to school flyer   
  Back To School CFK table     
  Set up a table at Back-To-School Night, sporting events, assemblies and other
school functions.


Contests       elementary school contest packet  middle/junior & high school contest packet
  Collection Drive    sample email packet
  Cell Phone Collection Drive   
  Recycling Tree    template     examples
  Field of Flowers    template
  Pot Of Gold   template
  Dog Bowl   template
  Evergreen Trees   template
  Caught You Recycling    template
  Save the Earth Scavenger Hunt flier info check list & quiz handout
fun facts handout
  Business Sponsorship    more info
Hand out flyers    flyers
  CFK recommends to do so twice a year  
  Newsletter Blurbs    sample
  Press Release    sample
  Link CFK to your website    instructions
  Post your school on to advertise your collection
  Recycling for Cash Email   sample email
  Earth Day Flier   download
  Save over the Summer   sample email
more Ways to Grow
  Social Media Add your recycle event to Facebook and Twitter; pin your photos to Pinterest and post your collection videos on YouTube. Don't forget to mention your event and recycling program on your school/organization website.
  Ask family, friends, neighbors, local businesses, or anywhere your daily lifestyle takes you to contribute their used items
  Advertise a designated drop-off location
  Promote CFK at school functions and gatherings such as sporting events, pep rallies and assemblies
  Post notices in the wanted sections of your local Free Cycle and Craigslist
  Leave flyers with your local Chamber of Commerce to recruit business support
  Ask your school district to contribute items on your behalf
  Take advantage of free public service announcements with local cable TV and radio stations if available
  Rally around a cause like a local charity
  Make announcements at meetings, community events and other gatherings
  Put up a banner in a highly visible location
  Have students create a bulletin board using a CFK poster and flier. Greater visibility means greater earnings.
  Suggest goals & offer incentives for achieving those goals: ice cream, homework passes, etc.
  Hold weekly drawings for students that participate
  Incorporate CFK into an environmental lesson plan, have students talk to their parents about CFK and the importance of recycling as an assignment
  Make announcements over the PA system
  Combine CFK with other recycling efforts and have a community "Recycling Day"
  Start a recycling club
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